Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboarding Shortcuts for Macintosh and Windows Machines


One of the great things about the Mac OS is that you can use the same set of keyboard shortcuts in almost every application.

Here’s a list of the most common shortcuts to help ease your reliance on the mouse.

Apple-Q Quits the application.
Apple-O Opens folders, files and applications.
Apple-N Creates new document.
Apple-P Prints your document.
Apple-A Selects all.
Apple-W Closes window or document.
Apple-S Saves document.
Apple-X Cuts any highlighted contents.
Apple-C Copies any highlighted contents.
Apple-V Pasts any item that has been copied or cut.
Apple-Z Undo’s your last action.
Apple-B Bolds selected text.
Apple-I Italicizes selected text.
Apple-U Underlines selected text.
Shift-Apple-3 Takes a screen shot of the entire screen.
Shift-Apple-4 Takes a screen shot of a selected area of the screen.


Here are some goodies for Internet Explorer.
•Esc = Stops page from loading
•Ctrl + N = Open New browser window.
•F5 = Refresh current page / frame.
•F11 = Display the current website in full screen mode. If that's not what you want, press F11 again
•Alt + Left Arrow = Go back a page
•Alt + Right Arrow = Go forward a page

Internet Explorer stores the places you've been in the Temporary Internet Files folder. Did you know that you can make Internet Explorer empty those files for you? Click “Tools” and “Internet Options.” Click the “Advanced” tab. Under “Security,” check "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed."

Favorite Windows keyboard shortcuts.
Let's start with the WINKEY. This is the key with the backwards Windows flag on it, which you may oe may not have, depending on your keyboard.

•WINKEY + D = Minimizes all windows and shows the desktop
•WINKEY + L = Locks the computer (Windows XP only)
•WINKEY + Tab = Lets you cycle through the programs shown on the taskbar
•WINKEY + F = Brings up the Windows Search box

Here are some shortcuts for Microsoft Word.
•Ctrl + A = Selects all the contents of a page
•Ctrl + C = Copy selected text
•Ctrl + X = Cut selected text
•Ctrl + P = Paste the selected text
•Ctrl + F = Opens the find box
•Ctrl + B = Bolds the highlighted selection
•Ctrl + I = Italicize the highlighted selection
•Ctrl + K = Insert a link to a Web site
•Ctrl + U = Underline the highlighted selection
•Ctrl + Y = Repeat the last action performed
•Ctrl + Z = Undo last action
•Ctrl + End = Moves the cursor to the end of the document
•Ctrl + Home = Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document

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