Economics Resources
  • American Stock Exchange--The American Stock Exchange provides visibility for over 700 companies. Serving financial markets worldwide, the AMEX offers efficiency and fairness to investors via state-of-the-art trading technology and stock specialists.

  • Bank Rate--A one-stop site for the best rates available (credit card, mortgage, interest, loan rates, etc). Much more consumer information. Updated daily!!

  • Currency Converter--Here is a useful site for converting currency.

  • Economic Research Service: U.S. State Facts Sheets--This site provides state fact sheets with information on population, employment, income, and farm financial indicators for each state in the United States.

  • Hoover's Handbook of Business--The Web's most comprehensive source of company home pages, also includes company capsules, investment information and business news.

  • Inflation Conversion--Many very neat statistics that can be used for all types of things in the classroom (Did you know that in current dollars, it cost 24 cents to go to the movies in 1935?)

  • The Mint--Provides a variety of lessons for middle and high school students on the practical aspects of economics (budgeting, credit cards, inflation, taxes, etc).

  • NCS Publicly Traded Companies--The world leader in providing convenient, free access to all the important investment information on the Internet, including stock exchange information, company lists and coproration web sites.

  • Online Elementary Economics Lessons--Link to 31 economics lessons that use children's literature to teach concepts such as: goods, services, producers, consumers, capital, and human resources.

  • World of Money--Listing of Internet resources related to money and economics.

  • WPL Business Resources--Waterloo Public Library's monster list of business resources including companies, investing, magazines, financial calculators, advice, etc.

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