(Tentative as of 1-22-13)



* New Scholarship


#1                              +DONALD & MARIE BARAGARY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

The family of Donald & Marie Baragary has established an endowment for Dollars for Scholars program.  This endowment will provide for a scholarship to be given each year to a graduating senior chosen by the committee.  Six of Donald and MarieÕs ten children and 13 of their grandchildren have graduated from East Buchanan.  And now, great-grand children are attending East Buchanan.  The family felt this was an appropriate way of remembering them.


#2                                               +LYLE BARE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP                            

Lyle John Bare was born and raised in the Winthrop area.  He graduated in the class of Ō56Ķ and three years later graduated from Iowa State University.  He taught science and vocational agriculture and was an FFA Advisor for 23 years.  He farmed outside Winthrop for the last 21 years of his life.  During this time, he enjoyed substitute teaching at EB because he missed the students when he left teaching.  He left this life March 9, 2004, at the age of 65 while caring for his livestock.  LyleÕs interests were unlimited and he read during every spare minute which enabled him to debate almost any topic from either side.  Lyle believed in being involved in your community.  If you arenÕt involved, then you donÕt complain about what others do.  He would tell you to never stop learning and never stop giving of your talents. 


#3                                       +NELLIE RACHEL (WALTER) BENZ SCHOLARSHIP

Nellie Rachel (Walter) Benz was born in her parentsÕ home at Quasqueton in 1903.  She graduated from the Quasqueton Consolidated High School in 1920.  She attended Grinnell College and later Iowa State Teachers College in Cedar Falls.  She taught school in Holstein, Iowa, from 1923-1938 serving as high school principal during the thirties.  Upon her marriage to Dr. F. W. Benz, she returned to Quasqueton to raise her family.  When her husband died in 1954, she returned to teaching finding a position in the Quasqueton School system.  When the towns united to form the East Buchanan Community Schools, Nellie became an English teacher, retiring from East Buchanan in 1970.  Because she believed in continued education after high school, a  scholarship will be awarded to an East Buchanan graduate.



#4                                                 CITIZENS STATE BANK SCHOLARSHIPS

The Citizens State Bank of Winthrop contributed the amount of $1,000 to the East Buchanan Chapter of Dollars for Scholars.  Two (2) $500 scholarships will be awarded to East Buchanan graduates - one in the field of agriculture and the other in the area of finance and business.


#5                                +CLASS OF 1956 IN MEMORY OF DECEASED MEMBERS




#6                               +CLYDE  AND SARAH COFFMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Clyde and Sarah Coffman moved with their family to a farm in the Winthrop area in 1950.  From 1962 through 1965, Clyde served on the East Buchanan School Board.  Both Clyde and Sarah always maintained a high level of interest in the education of their four sons.  This scholarship serves as a tribute to their hard work and sacrifice and for their encouragement and support they gave their children in preparing them for the future.  A $500 scholarship will be awarded to an industrious student who is active in athletics and has earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00.  This student needs to be enrolled in a state university.  (Preference toward Iowa State University.)


#7                                            +ROBERT COOK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

The Robert Charles Cook Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a student planning to continue their education in an area of agriculture.  ŌWork hard and have fun doing itĶ was one of BobÕs mottoes.  He spent over 40 years in the agricultural career when he retired in 1987 due to his health.  Bob was always happy to lend a hand to anyone.  Bob felt strongly about two things:  helping others and stewardship of the land.  Through this memorial, what Bob stood for will continue on.  Applicant should write a short paragraph on what area of agriculture they are interested in and why they are interested in it.


#8                                                      +DONALD CORY SCHOLARSHIP

Donald grew up on a farm along the Quasqueton Diagonal road until moving to Winthrop in 1978.  Don was a custodian at East Buchanan High School for over 30 years.  He enjoyed his work and being with the students.


#9                                +HAZEL M. & ARLO F. CRAIG SR. MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Education was always a priority for Arlo and Hazel Craig as they raised their four children on the family farm north of Aurora.  Arlo served on the Aurora School Board for 17 years and saw all four children graduate from Aurora and the East Buchanan Schools.  Arlo was always proud of his childrenÕs and grandchildrenÕs academic success.


#10                                          *+CRAWFORD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP


#11                                          +BRUCE DECKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Bruce Decker was born in 1949 to Eunice (Franck) and Max Decker.  Bruce came from a big family with six brothers and seven sisters.  Bruce attended East Buchanan Schools, attending classes in Aurora, Quasqueton, and Winthrop.  He was drafted into the Army soon after completing high school and fought for our freedom during the Viet Nam Conflict.  His favorite sport was baseball.  He played and managed the Winthrop Hawks for a number of years.  Bruce picked up golf after returning from the service and became an avid golfer with a zero handicap at Buffalo Creek Country Club.  Bruce passed away on March 20, 2002, from injuries he received in a fall.  A scholarship will be awarded to a student on the golf or baseball team, alternating every other year with male/female.  (2013 will be female.)


#12                                                   +DALE DENNIE SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship will preferably go to someone pursuing a degree in any field of agriculture or agribusiness.



#13                                             +GORDON F. DONLEA SCHOLARSHIP

Gordon Donlea was born in Rowley, Iowa, on April 11, 1922.  He and his wife, Linda, raised 8 children. The children all graduated from East Buchanan and went on to college.  Gordon always thought that an education was very important and this was proven by the fact that he served on the East Buchanan school board for 18 years.  He was also mayor of Winthrop for several terms and was sometimes referred to as Mr. Winthrop.

Gordon always encouraged his children to be involved in extra curricular activities.  Therefore, this scholarship will be given to someone who will be going to a four-year school majoring in business and has participated in extra curricular activities at school.




The East Buchanan Education Association offers a $400 scholarship annually to a graduating senior who is planning to further his/her education and has demonstrated leadership and service to the school district.  Special consideration may be given to those students entering the field of education, although everyone is encouraged to apply.  Interested students should turn in their application along with a letter discussing career goals.



#15                                    EAST BUCHANAN FINE ARTS SCHOLARSHIP

A $250 scholarship will be awarded to a senior in each of the fine arts areas—art, band, drama, speech, and vocal.  Special consideration will be given to students who have participated 4 years in Band, Vocal, Speech or Drama, and for those who have taken 4 or more art classes.







This scholarship is awarded in memory of Loras J. Heffernen and Lucinda R. Heffernen.  The HeffernanÕs were in business over  40 years, serving the Winthrop area.  They were at work six days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., except for the time Loras spent in World War II.  Selection of a recipient shall be based upon good character, involvement in school and community activities, need, and plans to attend a school of higher education.  The amount of this award will be based upon the interest earned on the $15,000 principal investment.


#18                                     +ROBERT HICKMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Robert Hickman was born November 28, 1914, and was raised in the Winthrop community.  He attended country schools and graduated from Winthrop High School in 1931.  After graduation he continued farming with his father south of Winthrop.  Health problems forced him into retirement in 1974.  He was always interested in the young people of the community and realized the importance of education.



#19                          +DR. A.G. & KATHERYNE KEGLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP       

Dentistry has played a vital role in the Kegler family for over 60 years. The fact that Julie SproullÕs mother's name is included in the scholarship award is by no means an afterthought or courtesy. Without Julie's mother's guidance and hard work behind the scenes during nearly 55 years of marriage, much of the family's success may never have been realized.  A scholarship will be awarded in their memory.



#20                                            +JAMES KLEIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Jim Klein began teaching at East Buchanan High School in August 1967.  He retired in May of 2000 after teaching at East Buchanan for 33 years.  Jim passed away in 2002.  Preference will be given to a Student Council member.                                        


#21                                            +CYNTHIA KLEVER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Cynthia (Schultz) Klever grew up in the Quasqueton area and attended East Buchanan Schools, graduating with the class of Õ75.  She attended Hawkeye Tech graduating in 1977 with a degree in commercial art.  She always conveyed the importance of academic achievement and continued education to her daughter Samantha.  Cynthia was an avid golfer and long time member of Buffalo Creek Golf Club. 



#22                              +ART, HAZEL, & BRENT KRESS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

This scholarship will go preferably to a student entering special education or a handicap field.






#23                                        +DR. A. E. MAYNER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

A  scholarship will be awarded to an East Buchanan graduating senior who has a minimum of a 3.0 (B) grade point average.  The applicants must be accepted into an accredited health career program.  A letter stating career goals and aspirations in the health field must accompany the application.


#24                                        +HARRIET McATEE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP    

Harriet Ward McAtee was born and raised in Brandon, Iowa.  She received a two-year TeacherÕs Certificate in 1934 from Iowa State Teachers College in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and taught country school in Buchanan County for several years.  She began teaching 5th grade at the Winthrop site of East Buchanan in 1964.  While teaching full time, she attended and graduated from Upper Iowa University in 1965, a feat that took her 11 years to accomplish.  Mrs. McAtee retired in 1977 after 34 total years of teaching elementary school. 

Preferably, applicant is majoring in elementary education.


#25                                      +BARRY McGRAW MEMORIAL & CLASS OF 1992

Barry Dean McGraw was the son of Don (Red) and Sally McGraw and was born May 31, 1973, joining three older sisters, Shellie, Christy and Holly.  Barry graduated in 1992 from East Buchanan and the University of Iowa in 1996.  After graduation, he was hired by Sears and was sent to Maryland in a managerial position.  He dearly loved his family, friends, hunting, fishing and being the best at whatever he did.  Dollars for Scholars was very important to Barry and his education.  Focus is on citizenship.


#26                                           +TED McGRAW MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

The Ted McGraw Memorial Scholarship award would preferably go to a HS wrestler who is furthering their education in agriculture.


#27                                        +BERNICE MENSEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Bernice Mensen graduated from Mercy School of Nursing, Dubuque, IA, in 1943.  She and her husband, Eldon, moved to the Winthrop area in 1949, where she was an active member of the community and served on various boards.  She professed a desire to help young people enter the nursing profession. 



#28                                          +ESTER D. MILLER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

The Ester D. Miller Memorial Scholarship has been established in her honor by the children of Clair and the late Ester D. Miller.  The children have contributed $3,500.00 to date and the interest earned on this will be granted annually as a scholarship beginning in 1995.  It will go to a senior graduating from the East Buchanan Community School.  Ester D. Walter (Miller) graduated from Quasqueton High School in 1934 and then attended Iowa State Teachers College (now U.N.I.) in Cedar Falls.  She taught in a country school near Quasqueton until she married Clair Miller.  They raised their family of five children in the Quasqueton area.  The children all graduated from Quasqueton High School and went on to further their education in college.  J. C. Miller said, ŌOur mother was always encouraging us to do well in school and put a strong emphasis on education.  We feel by starting this scholarship we can honor her memory and also help some young people who share her interest in higher education.Ķ


#29                              +O. S. & WINIFRED MYERS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Orville (Jeff) Myers, of Urbandale, formerly of Winthrop, passed away March 19, 2005, at the age of 84.  His wife, Winifred, passed away in 2012.  Jeff served with the 8th Air Force for five years in World War II.  He attended Drake University and earned his BachelorÕs Degree in Education and MasterÕs Degree in Counseling and Guidance.  He was a teacher and coach at Walker, Superintendent at Rowley, and Elementary Principal at East Buchanan Schools in Winthrop.  He was dedicated to his job, and his main concern was the well-being of the students.  After retirement, Jeff and wife Winifred, moved to Lake Panorama at Panora and then to Urbandale, Iowa.  Other members of his family are Judy Elliott, Steve Myers, Kenny Myers (deceased), and Sonja Behan.



#30                                          JOYCE NELSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

The family of Joyce Nelson has established a scholarship in JoyceÕs memory.  Joyce was born December 10, 1949, and graduated from East Buchanan High School with the class of 1968.  Throughout her life, Joyce served Winthrop and the surrounding communities in numerous ways.  Being an active member of the

Church of Christ United and serving several years on the Library Board were just a couple of ways she contributed to our community.  One of JoyceÕs real passions was to help young children and young adults

cultivate a desire for reading and learning.  As the Librarian Associate at East Buchanan, Joyce realized these joys every day for 13 years.  This scholarship is a testament to her love for her students and their education and will be awarded to a graduating senior pursuing a degree in higher education, preferably in the field of education.


#31                                          +L. N. NORMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

The family of L. N. Norman has established an endowment for Dollars for Scholars.  L. N. and Kaye Norman both graduated from high school from this community, as did their children and grandchildren.  Higher education has always been important to the family and they have established this scholarship to help students realize their goal of furthering their education after high school.



#32                                               +PAT PECK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

The Pat Peck Scholarship will be awarded to a student enrolled in their second year of school, who is committed to a registered Nursing Program.  This award will not be received by the student until their second year in college/ nursing school.  Recipient must send a copy of first year grades and second year schedule to claim this award.


#33                                  +RICHARD PENNINGTON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Richard Pennington graduated from East Buchanan High School in 1984.  While attending East Buchanan, he participated in band, speech, drama, and Youth for Christ.  Richard worked for several years at various national parks as a camp counselor.  He also worked at a ski resort and for a marketing service.  At the time of his death, Richard lived at Hood River, Oregon. Richard was born November 28, 1965, and died in 2004 at the age of 37 from complications of diabetes.



#34                                              +BILL AND BETTE RAUS SCHOLARSHIP

The Bill and Bette Raus Scholarship will be given annually to a student in need of financial help to attend Iowa State University in the field of home economics or agriculture.  In the event there is not a student eligible for the award, the amount will be added to the principal.  This scholarship is not to be awarded solely on academic achievement, but more on financial need of the student.  The scholarship was given to a boy in the graduating class of 1993 and alternated thereafter between a girl and a boy each year.  (2013 scholarship will be awarded to boy.)


#35                                  *+JUDSON RICHARDSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP




#36                              +RICH AND BARB ROEPKE RECOGNITION SCHOLARSHIP

The RoepkeÕs have been long time supporters of East Buchanan academic and extra curricular activities for over 30 years. Barb graduated from EB in 1966 and retired in 2010 as East BuchananÕs preschool director after 28 years of teaching. The RoepkeÕs four children all graduated from East Buchanan for a total of 65 years of education at East Buchanan Community Schools.



#37                                              SECURITY STATE BANK SCHOLARSHIP

A $250 per year for four (4) years ($1,000 total) award will be given annually to:

            1)  A student planning to major in accounting at any 4-year college, 2-year college, or                                        vocational/technical school.

            2)  The award will be paid on an annual basis directly to the school of the recipientÕs choice.

            3)  If a student changes from a business major at any time, the scholarship will be null and void for                   the funds that have not been distributed.


Eligibility:        1)  Preference will be given to a student attending an Iowa school.

                        2)  Preference will be given to a student attending a 4 year program.

                        3)  Probability of success in college will be a factor in making the selection.

                        4)  Financial need is not a criteria.



#38                                +ED AND MARGARET SINGER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Edward Singer graduated from Winthrop High School in 1939 where he was active in both sports and drama.  Shortly after graduation, he joined the Army and served in W.W.II.  He was injured during battle in France.  While recuperating in England, he met and married Margaret Gibson who was a nurse at the time.  In 1946, they returned to the Winthrop area where they farmed until their retirement in 1976.  They spent their lives devoted to each other.  Although they had no children of their own, they were strong believers in education being the key to success in life.




The John F. and Regina Slattery Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a student attending Iowa State University.



#40                                          + ORLAN SNYDER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Orlan Snyder was a lifelong resident of Buchanan County.  Education was very important to him.  He began working at age eleven and was only able to finish the 8th grade.  Although he lacked a high school education, he was a prosperous farmer and tiling contractor.  He was the first person in Buchanan County to use the soil conservation practice of terracing.  Because Orlan did not have the opportunity to continue his education, he wanted to help provide that opportunity to others.



#41                                            +L. D. WALTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

The Walter family established a scholarship in memory of L. D. Walter, who served on the school board (1960-62) and was an avid sports fan who enjoyed seeing young people participate in all sports events.  The recipient must be accepted into an accredited technical college or university program on a full time basis, be of good moral character, and be average or better scholastically. 



#42                                         +BRIAN YEOMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

The Brian Yeoman Memorial Scholarship will go to a student attending Iowa State University majoring in agriculture.  Brian was raised on a farm southwest of Aurora and graduated from East Buchanan High

School.   He attended DMACC in Des Moines and was a senior at Iowa State University majoring in Agricultural Studies.  Brian loved the outdoors and was an avid hunter and fisherman.







            Aurora Elevator

            Aurora & Lamont Baptist Church      

            Aurora Community Club - 634- prefix

            American Legion & Auxiliary – Aurora

            American Legion Post 560 - Winthrop

            Aurora Plumbing & Electric Inc.

            Bank Iowa

            Brown-Lane Insurance Agency

            Buchanan County Health Center Auxiliary - medical/health field

            Buchanan County Soil & Water District

            Raymond and Dorothy Clark Memorial

            Church of Christ United

Consolidated Energy, A Division of Hartland Fuels

Crop Production Specialists – ag related studies; preferably to an employee or child of an employee

East Buchanan PTO - preferably to student going into teaching                                

            East Buchanan Telephone Coop                                 

            Fairchild Feed & Supply                                            

            Fangman & Sons

            Farmers Savings Bank - Aurora

FawcettÕs Furniture

            Leah Griffin Memorial

            Don & Ruth (Fangman) Hearn Memorial

            In Memory of James Klein/Golf Outing

            Indy Crop Care          

            Iowa Veneer

            Larson Construction Co.

            McElroyÕs Food Market

            Medical Associates    

            Nabholz Insurance

Neighbor Insurance - Alburnett

            Pastor Dean/DeanÕs Honda    

            Pipestone Veterinary Clinic of Iowa

            Pries Enterprises, Inc.

Quasqueton Community Club – 934 prefix (3 yrs), list community service


            David & Luella Rasmussen Memorial

            Helen M. Reck Memorial

Reed Electric

Smith D & L Insurance

            St. PatrickÕs Guild

            St. Paul Lutheran - Aurora

            Trott Trophies  -  to student attending Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference,  except Wartburg College

Winthrop Building Supply

Winthrop C&C Club

            Winthrop News - to student going into journalism, photography, or graphic arts

Winthrop Veterinary Clinic

WolfeyÕs Wapsi Outback

            Women Celebrating Diversity - female; paragraph demonstrating diversity with experiences

                                                                             in work, education, and other activities