Fun and Interesting Sites

  • Anyday--Celebrating a birthday or an anniversary? Here's some interesting information your special day. (Searchable)

  • CyberCards and Electronic Greeting Cards--Two unique sites for greeting cards (some with sound and animation) to send electronically for many occasions. (Recommended by Jessa Schweitzer)

  • Elvis and Graceland--The official site for the King of Rock and Roll and his fabulous mansion.

  • Famous Birthdays--Find a list of today's famous birthday people or do a search for famous birthdays.

  • Find a Grave--Want to visit a famous person's grave and pay your respects? But can't afford to travel there, here's the place. (Indexed A to Z)

  • Fun Trivia--The web's largest collection of fun facts and trivia. (Updated daily)

  • Gallery of Achievment--What does it take to be successful in your chosen endeavor? Look at the lives of some of America's most successful people in all walks of life.

  • Great Films and Movies on the Web--Dedicated to the "greatest" films in history, along with posters and trivia quizes. The only thing you won't get here is some popcorn to munch on.

  • Phone Speller--Need an easy way to remember your phone number--try this unique tool!

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame--The online Rock Music Hall of Fame featuring exhibits of Rock and Roll's greatest.

  • Santa Claus OnLine--Ready to find out who's naughty and nice? Here is the definitive Santa Claus site.

  • Solve the Puzzler--A cryptogram is an encoded message. Try to crack the code for two famous quotations. Past puzzlers on file.

  • Strange But True!--Have some fun with "strange" but true facts such as "The average life span of a major league baseball is 5-7 pitches!"

  • Time Capsule--Find out what happened on the day your were born.

  • Trivial Pursuit On-Line--Here it is--that popular board game is now on-line. Test your knowledge in all things trivial.

  • Ultimate TV Net--If you're a fan of a show you're sure nobody remembers, this is where you'll find six Web sites devoted to it. Your ultimate television source.

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