Tom Buchanan

The Great Gatsby
By: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Tom Buchanan
By: Valerie

The Great Gatsby is a story of power, deception, and wealth. This story shows how the rich pray on others that they believe are below them and the unending pursuit of wealth. It occurs during the 1920s and is narrated by the main character Nick Carraway. Nick’s cousin Daisy is married to the subject of my paper, Tom Buchanan.

Tom Buchanan is a man of wealth. He was “one of the most powerful ends that ever played football at New Haven.” The Book also give the description of Tom Buchanan to be “a sturdy straw-haired man of thirty with a rather hard mouth and a supercilious manner.” I see him as a harsh man. In my imagination, I see a man who is very built, a lot of muscles, with a disapproving manner and a deep voice. His face says that he likes no one that he meets and is one the aggressive side of every argument. This description paints a rather grim picture of Tom and doesn’t allow the reader to take any kind of liking to him.

Tom is a very cold man. He seems to be the type that never smiles, never laughs, and is almost certainly never satisfied with what he has in life. He is a Yale graduate who played football. He also, besides being married to Daisy, keeps a mistress, Myrtle Wilson. In chapter two of the story, Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose, adding to the dislike that the reader feels for him. He is a very inconsiderate person, who lacks equally in both compassion and morality. He dislikes almost everyone that he meets and is very opinionated. The one word that I use to sum up Mr. Buchanan is “hypocrite”. An example of this is the fact that while he believes that cheating is wrong, he is having an affair with Myrtle. He is a very immature person who always thinks the he is in the right and everyone else is wrong.

Tom illustrates the story’s theme in that of how driven people are by money. Tom does not associate with people who are below his class. The problem with this is that no one is really below anyone else, everyone is equal. Tom and all of the other wealthy people don’t or won’t see this. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s theme, as I stated in the first paragraph, is the pursuit and power of wealth and how the rich prey on and walk all over others. Much of this still occurs in today’s society, people are in a constant pursuit of money and are never happy with what they have. Tom Buchanan is this type of person and is also the type that will not change his ways.

To me, Tom adds a lot to the story. He’s the villain. He is very harsh and cruel. This is how I see a villain and how I see Tom. Fitzgerald created the perfect villain for this story in Tom Buchanan.

Created by: Valerie
Created on: February 4, 2000

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