Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Quick facts:

Birth date
: July 12, 1937
Death: He’s still living
Parents: William Henry and Anna Pearl Cosby
Education: Drop out, received his diploma in the Navy, went to college at Temple University in Philadelphia
Honors and Awards: Won four emmy awards, offered a scholarship, and had a chance to play professional football

Bill Cosby grew up in Germantown district of North Philadelphia. He had two younger brothers: Russell and Robert. Bill's mother often read him stories from the Bible and works from Mark Twain. Bill worked shining shoes and delivering groceries as a child. Cosby was inspired by Sid Caesar, who was a Comedian.

While in school he participated in: football, baseball, basketball, track, and practiced mimicry. Cosby repeated the tenth grade twice and dropped out of High School. Soon after, Cosby worked as a shoe repair man, until he enlisted in the Navy in 1956. There he studied Physical Therapy and took a high school equivalency exam to received a high school diploma. He received a track and field scholarship at Temple University in Philadelphia. While in college he had scouts watching him from the Green Bay Packers. His major in college was Physical Education.

His career as a Comedian started as a Sophomore in college.He was hired by the “Underground,” a night club in Philadelphia. Where he earned $25 dollars a night telling jokes. In 1965 Bill Cosby had an appearance on the “Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson. Cosby’s first role was on a show was named “I Spy”. Cosby was the first black actor to ever preform in a television role in a national broadcast dramatic T.V. series.

J. Fred McDonald wrote his book “of the most significant role in the history of blacks T.V." “ He made a national hero out of a Mature black Secret Agent protecting the U.S. around the world. The show “I Spy” earned 3 emmy awards for Cosby in the years 1966, 1967, 1968. Cosby’s fourth emmy in 1969, was for “The Bill Cosby Show.”

In the Summer of 1968, his name took the first part of a seven series, Of a black American. On September 14, 1969, with “The Bill Cosby Show’ at this time he was not only the seasons star but a co-dirtctor, a co-cerator and a producer. J. Fred McDonald wrote, Cosby was a comprise of “The Middle Class educated black male who has not deserved the ghetto but moves gracefully between worlds.” The show ran 52 episodes. In 1991 Bill stared in the show “All My Friends on Shore”, a soap that he wrote. His first Hollywood show Hickey and Boggs.

In September 1972, with the beginning of the New Bill Cosby Show. T.V. Guide classified it as a “strikenly grade ‘A’.” IT was pulled off the air on May 7, 1973. During the 70’s Cosby was a regular guess to “Electric Company” and “Sesame Street.” Cosby appeared on the commericals such as: Coca-Cola, JELL-O, Texas Instuments, Del Monte, Birds Eye Frozen foods, and Ford Motors. Cosby told Harry F. Waters, News Weekly, “ I’m a damned fine pitch man.” ‘Advertising Age’ called Cosby “ Star presenter of 1978.” In Cosby’s carreer he accomplished being a comedian, writer, and an actor.


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