Algerian Culture


Algeria’s Lifestyles

The Algerian family is important and private. It often includes three or more generations in a single home. families have an average four or five children. Smaller nuclear families are found in cities. Although some Algerians live in apartments, most prefer concrete homes with four or five rooms.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Algeria . Only men attend matches at stadiums; school girls might atttend boys’ school matches. Algerians also play basketball, vollyball, and handball. Women also participate in sports and track but far less than men .

Families go to the beach or on picnics. Individuals like to take walks, although rual woman are always accompanied by reletives. For winter recreation, women watch television and socialize at home while the men play cards or dominoes in cafes. Algerians play the guitar, flute, and gaspa ( a unique long bamboo flute ).


National holidays include New Years Day, Labor Day, Independence Day (July 5th), Diplmacy Day, and Revolution Day.


Urban families eat main meals together, but rual or tradition men and women eat seperatly . In many Urban homes the father serves the meat and each person takes portion of other foods from serving dishes. The oldest is seved first .There meals arefollowed by tea.

Bibliography:culture grams 2000

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