Alexander Fleming discovers the first antibiotic
Alexander Fleming discovers the first antibiotic

I chose This article because he saved may people with his discovery. I think this is one of the best news stories because Alexander pushed and showed people that it is possible to find a cure for infections. Penicillin I think is one of the best discoveries in the field of medical, because he pushed other people to find cures for more serious things like cancer and other diseases. Those are some of my reasons I picked this article.

Alexander Fleming was Scottish. He moved from Scotland to London. He fought in a war that took place in South Africa. Alexander lived from 1881 to 1955. He was an inventor of penicillin in 1928. He was bacteriologist. Fleming came up with penicillin when he was trying to find a way to kill bacteria.

Before he discovered penicillin he came up with something that kills the germs that are not very serious and do not cause diseases. Alexander Fleming found out about penicillin accidentally. When he left a plate of a culture of bacteria uncovered on his laboratory bench for awhile. Then he noticed that there was some parts of the mold were gone and around them there was blue mold, which was medicine. That blue mold was destroying the bacteria.

Penicillin was completed in 1940 by some scientists in Britain. After penicillin was completed Alexander won 25 honorary degrees, metals, 18 prizes and a membership in 87 scientific academies and societies. He also received the Nobel Prize in 1945.

Penicillin was the first antibiotic drug. It was first used to cure soldiers in World War two harmless, even large doses.

If Alexander Fleming would not have invented penicillin many soldiers would have died because of infection and bacteria in World War 2. So this accidental discover made Alexander famous and a great scientist. After he discovered penicillin he tried to discover many other medicines. Alexander is still known to this day, he never thought in his wildest dreams that he would have saved this many lives.


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