Carib Indians

The Carib Indians were first known as the Amerindians. The Indians were Native Americans. The tribe of Indians lived in the coastal regions of the area now called Suriname. They were also known as the Cannibal Indians, the Caribbean Indians, or the Gailibi Indians, but Carib was their short English name. The Carib Indians were well noted for their “warlike and fierce” strength.

The women of the Carib tribe speak Arawak while the men spoke the usual Carib language.

Only one of the two tribes killed the Spanish Armies in Haiti while looking for gold, afraid of getting it taken away by them.

The Indians invented the first sailing ship and they took over the Arawaks land. Then as they settled in that land and invented agriculture. Before they invented agriculture they ran out the Arawaks about a century before Columbus arrived. They also inherited the Caribbean Sea and most of the islands of the Lesser Antilles, including the valley of the Orinoco River.

They lived in the Lesser Antilles and Domicano, South America, which is along the coast. They lived here during and before the arrival of Columbus.

The Carib Indians were not classified into chiefs, but instead they had their own individual male warriors. The women were just women. When the Carib Indians captured males the would torture and eat them. When females were captured they became slave wives.

The Carib Indians were well knowledged in canoeing, settlement in land, farming, fishing, and hunting game with their blowguns and bow and arrows.

Columbus tried to settle in Saint Croix in November of 1493, but was forced to leave by the fierce Carib Indians, who had no permanent settlement there. They were not very friendly to their visitors, and never welcomed them with respect.

The Virgin Islands belonged to the Spanish through the sixteenth century, but was later overruled by the Carib Indians after they defeated the Spanish Armies.

Some Carib Indians still survive today in Guatemala after some were deported by the British government in 1796. They also occupy some sparse areas in Dominica which lies by the Caribbean Sea in South America.

deported- to expel from a country.
originated- to own or create.
inherited- to get something from an ancestor and gain ownership of it.
sparse- a small population.

By Kelsey K

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Carib Indians by Brooke A.