Signs and symptoms of the disease

Some signs and symptoms of Influenza include fever, myalgia, headache, severe malaise, nonproductive cough, sore throat, and rhinitis

How the disease is spread

Influenza viruses are spread from person-to-person primarily through the coughing and sneezing of infected persons.

Who is at risk to get the disease

persons aged >50 years

residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities that house persons of any age who have long-term illnesses

adults and children > 6 months of age who have chronic heart or lung conditions, including asthma

adults and children > 6 months of age who need regular medical care or had to be in a hospital because of metabolic diseases (like diabetes), chronic kidney disease, or weakened immune system (including immune system problems caused by medicine or by infection with human immunodeficiency virus [HIV/AIDS])

children and teenagers (aged 6 months to 18 years) who are on long-term aspirin therapy and therefore could develop Reye Syndrome after the flu

women who will be more than 3 months pregnant during the flu season.

Prevention of the disease

A lot of the illness and death caused by the flu can be prevented by yearly flu shots.  People in certain groups who are at high risk to develop serious complications from the flu and people who are in close contact with those at high risk should get a flu shot every year.

Treatments for the disease

Rest and liquids are usually adequate. Prescription drugs called amantadine and rimantadine may prevent or reduce the severity of influenza type A, but are not effective against type B. Newer prescription drugs called zanamivir and oseltamivir may reduce the severity of influenza types A and B.

Health Web sites

New York State Department of Health.



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