Panama: Physical Features

Physical Features

There are approximately five hundred rivers in Panama. About one-third of them flow into the Atlantic, while about two thirds of them flow into the Pacific. These rivers run from each side of the coastline into the sea. The Bayano River has a dam and modern hydralic installations in it.

The Panama Canal would not have been able to have been built if it weren’t for the Chagres River. Thank you Chagres River!!! We salute you!

I guess that you’re probably saying,” Let’s get to the Tortuous rivers already!” Well, don’t worry, one of them is the Chucunague River. Also, some more important rivers are the Tuira and the Sixaola.

The only lake that Panama has is the Gatun Lake, which is not natural. Of course, you see, Panama has no natural lakes. Anyway, more about the Gatun Lake. It is man made, because of the Panama Canal.

The ocean tides in Panama are weird, for they fall and rise at totally different times in the Pacific and Atlantic. They also fall and rise at totally different intervals.

Panama has a huge amount of coastline. The Atlantic seaboard extends 397 miles, which in kilometers, would be 639. The Pacific seaboard extends 746 miles, which would be 1,201 kilometers.

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