The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle

  • Absolute Location: The Bermuda Triangle is exactly 76 degrees west and 20 degrees north.

  • Distance From My Home: 13,039 from Quasqueton, IA to the Bermuda Triangle.

  • My Place is Famous for: It is said to throw off navigational systems and other items to find your way out of the path.

  • Description: Great Triangular shape in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Three Interesting Facts
    1. The Bermuda Triangle is said to have tons of bodies, ships, planes, and rafts.
    2. The Bermuda Triangle is not just a folk tale but a mysterious scientific study
    3. The Bermuda Triangle is not the only triangle in the world, there are twelve others

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    Date Created: November 6, 2002
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