Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

  • Location: Victoria Falls is located in Zimbabwe, Africa.

  • My Place is Famous for: For it's Water fall. Its really pretty when the sun comes up.

  • Description: Seventeen hundred metres wide before taking a headlong plunge into the frothy chasm of the gorge below. This is the world's largest sheet of falling water, yet although its fame has spread far and wide, the site has been tastefully preserved so that tourists do not spoil the magic of the very place they have come to see.

  • Three Interesting Facts: There is far more things to do at Victoria Falls than just look at the Falls themselves. Upstream, the Zambezi plays host to the famous Sundowner Cruises, that rides on the river to watch the local wildlife. Once the river has taken its plunge, there is quite a different experience to be had. For those with the courage, the rapids immediately downstream offer some of the most terrifying white water rafting any-where in the world.

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    Date Created: October 16, 2001
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