The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty

Location:The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island in New York, New York.

Absolute Location:The Absolute location of the Statue of Liberty is 69 degrees west, and 47 degrees north. I would have to go north east from my house.

My Place is Famous for:The Statue of Liberty is famous for it's human characteristics. It is also famous because it was given to the U.S. from France about 100 years ago.

Description:The Statue of Liberty is on a 150 feet pedestal and it is 152 feet tall. All together reaches 302 feet. It's made of copper and the inside is made of iron. The Statue of Liberty is holding a book in her left hand and a torch in her right hand.

Three Interesting Facts:


Created by:Brittany H.
Date Created: October 16, 2001
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