The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx

  • Location: In Egypt

  • Absolute Location: Cairo's absolute location is 29 52' N and 31 20' E

  • My Place is Famous for:The sphinx is built of soft sandstone and would have disappeared long ago had it not been buried for so long.

  • Description:

    The body is 200 feet in length and 65 feet tall. The face of the sphinx is 13 feet wide and its eyes are 6 feet high. Part of the uraeus (sacred cobra), the nose and the ritual beard are now missing.

  • Three Interesting Facts:

    1) The statue is crumbling today because of the wind, humidity and the smog from Cairo. Attempts to restore it have often caused more harm than good.

    2) Some say that it was built after the pyramid of Chephren was complete. It may have been set as a sort of scarecrow to guard his tomb.

    3) In the 1980's, a carefully planned restoration of the Sphinx was in progress.

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    Created by: Jesse
    Date Created: October 16, 2001
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