Mount Everest
Trip to Mount Everest

If you were in Nepal you would call Mount Everest also known as Sagarmatha. If you were in Tibet it would be Chomolungma. Here is some information that you may need when you climb Mount Everest.

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We will be starting at 9,000 ft. The oxygen level will be at 71%. Base Camp is at 17,000 ft. The oxygen level will be at oxygen 51% We will stop at the Khumbu Ice fall. It is 19,900 ft. high and the oxygen level is 46%. The Western Camp and the Lhotseface is at 24,000 ft. Its oxygen level is at 39%. Camp 4 is at 26,000 ft, and the oxygen level is 34% When we reach the top we will be at 29,028ft. high. The oxygen is 33% .

To survive on the mountain you will need an open or closed -circuit oxygen system, climbing boots, crampon, portable kerosene stove, goggles, and an ice ax.

The higher in the air you are the more these symptoms occur: Vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, and difficulty sleeping. In order to avoid these you can go slower as you get higher so your body can get used to it. Try not to overdo it. If your pack gets heavy, rest. Drink a lot of water. Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, or other things that may interfere.

It would be helpful to know about avalanches because most people worry about them. They are a large mass of rock debris or snow that moves fast down a mountain slope. They grind everything in its path. Most avalanches are caused by people that arenŐt careful and yell or move just right to make it move. So most of the time it is safe for you if you think carefully.

Just for your information 931 people have reached the top of the mountain. There are 155 known deaths from climbing Mt. Everest. Here is another fact that you may find interesting.The youngest person to climb the mountain was a 16 year old from Nepal. His name is Shambu Tamang. He climbed Everest May 5, 1973.

The first woman to climb My. Everest was Junko Tabei from Japan. She came to the summit May 16, 1973. Married couples are allowed.The very first married couple to reach the summit was Andrej & Marija Stremfelj. They reached the summit on October 7, 1990 together.

That is some information you might want to know about Mount Everest.


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