Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest

Location: Mt. Everest is manly in Nepal, the mountain country that is situated in the Himilayas.

Absolute Location: Mt. Everest is about 29 degrees north and 87 degrees east.

My Place is Famous for: Being the tallest place in the world!

Description: In pictures Mt. Everest doesn't look very tall to it's surroundings, but it is 29,028 feet from sea level!

Three Interesting Facts:
The mountain continues to grow about one centimeter per year!
It's Height is 29,028 feet!
Temperatures on Mt. Everest can drop as low as -45 degrees Celsius, so cold that plastics become brittle, batteries stop working, and spit freezes before it hits the ground.


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Created by: Brad
Date Created: October 16, 2000
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