The Holocaust

World War II: The Holocaust

Hitler giving a speach to some of the Nazis

Who was involved in the Holocaust?
The Nazis and the Jews.

What is the Holocaust?
The Holocaust was the mass murder of the Jews.

When did it take place?
It began in late 1938 and ended in 1945, during World War II.

Where did the Holocaust take place?
In Germany and other countries that the Nazis were in control of.

Why did the holocaust happen? The Holocaust happened because the Nazis hated the Jews so much and they thought that they were better than the Jews.

How did the Nazis do it?
The Nazis would ship Jews to concentration camps by trains, vans, and so on. There were three different types of concentration camps: Red Cross camps, Work camps, and Death camps. They were forced to labor for the Nazis at the work camps and were treated harshley. At the Red Cross camps, the Red Cross would be aloud to go to those camps and medically attend to the Jews. At the death camps, the Jews would be gassed or killed in some other way. Eventually, though, most Jews would have to go to the death camps. To see an actually death camp go to :
The Jews were killed in various ways. They were either worked to death, killed in gas camps, or killed by other cruelities. Then their remains were used for various items such as soap, lamp shades, ect. They would take the gold teeth out of people after they were gassed. There was a vault found with 384 pounds of gold teeth.
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