Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley

  • Location: Mount Mckinley is located in south central Alaska; in the Alaska range.

  • Absolute Location: It is located 63 degrees north, and 151 degrees West.

  • My Place is Famous for: It is the highest peak in North America. It is 6,194 m. (20,230ft.) above sea level.

  • Description: The Native American knew Mount McKiley as "Denli" meaning the high one. Some convient centers near Mount McKinley are Talkeenta, Alaska. The nearest major airport is in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • Three Interesting Facts:

    1. Mount McKinley was named after President William McKinley in 1896.

    2. An Anglo-American clergyman, Hudson Stuck first reached the summit in1913.

    3. Some of the very best months to climb Mount McKinley are: April, May, and June.

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    Created by: Brianne M.
    Date Created: October 16, 2000
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