Hernando de Soto

Hernando De Soto

Personal background/Biography-

Hernando De Soto was born in approximately 1500. He was from in Central Spain in a city called, Mabilla. In his early years he was inspired by his surroundings living in an area where he was exposed to many different resources and goods such as gold and fruits. Hernando De Soto went on his first voyage when he was fourteen and his last voyage in 1539 when he died in 1542 from fever and was buried in the Mississippi River.

Main Goal-

His main goal was to conquer Florida for Spain in which he was successful. He was also kown as a conquistador he fought for gold, glory, and God. He stumbled across a lage river in which we know now as the Mississippi River. He had many main goals he had only perfected some of them; the river for example was not his main goal but he stumbled over it making it his goal.


In 1539 Hernando De Soto left Spain in charge of ten ships and sevenhundred men on there way to Florida. Hernando wanted to find the Seven Cities of gold but he was unsuccessful. Hernando was very eager to find gold he was so eager he pushed up from his destination, Florida, just to find gold! He found no gold but instead he found the mighty Mississippi River!

De Soto’s Trail-

De Soto went to Florida and traveled up by foot to the state we all know as North Carolina. He was so eager to find gold he pushed up from his destination to Tennesse and Amazingly he found no gold but a greatly wide river. He named it the Mississippi River. This was a great honor for Hernando and Spain if Hernando had not died and had returned to Spain they would make him an honored man and reward him with precious gifts.

Contact With Indians

He met Indians which were not friendly but very hostile towards outsiders. He was involved in several wars with Indians and he killed hundreds of Indians. He was almost killed himself, by Indians. He did not have very much respect for Indians. Indians were a big problem for Hernando because Indians did not take a friendly atitude to his men or himself,therefore, the indians vowed to kill Hernando amzingly they never killed him. Some indians were not hostile; they gave gifts such as food and water to Hernando and his men.


Going through hostile Indians. Marching by foot through several states. He also died by fever which was also a common problem. Getting to Florida by ship; several people died on his voyage to Florida ,but he finally got there all in one peice. Another hardsip was the pain and diesease his men had gone through; the indians gave them many diseases and klled most of Hernando's men.

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