Giovanni da Verrazzano

Giovanni da Verrazzano

Giovanni da Verrazzano is most well known for dicovering the
New York Harbor, Block Island, and Narragansett Bay. He was also the first European explorer to name the new sites in North America after people and places in the Old World.

Birth and Education

Giovanni was born in 1485 in Tuscany, Italy. He received a superior education in Florence. He was an extremely good student in math, and became known as a master mariner.

Looking for the Orient

He represented the country of France. His goals were to explore the coast of the “New Land” and to find a passage to the Orient. It was believed that there might be a passage between North and South America, and so he was chosen by King Francis I to sail to this area and discover a new and quicker route to the Orient. He returned to France after several voyages with a claim of the New World for France on July 8, 1524.

The Sea and The Natives

His main route was across the Atlantic to mainly Middle and North America. Some of his boats did not make it across the Atlantic because they ran out of supplies, got lost at sea, ot were shipwrecked. He made contact with the Indians on most - if not all - voyages. He traded with most of them, but used some of them to learn about the land. Giovanni wrote some false reports about the native people that he met, and he even stole a native child to take back to France with him on one of his voyages.

His Last Trip

In 1528, while exploring Florida, the Bahamas, and the Lesser Antilles, Giovanni anchored away from shore. He road ashore in a little boat to greet the natives, and he soon found out that they were not pleasant natives that wanted to trade. They were cannibals. They killed Giovanni da Verrazzano and ate him immediately. His brother was in the main boat that was anchored away from shore. He witnessed this, but could not do anything about it, for he was too far out for gunshots, and could not make it to shore on time. Giovanni da Verrazzano died at the age of 43.


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