Timeline for the 13 Colonies

New Jersey

  • 1609: Henry Hudson sails along the New Jersey shore and claims the region for the Netherlands.

  • 1638: Swedish settlers buy land near Cape May.

  • 1664: England gains control of New Jersey.

  • 1746: Princeton University is founded.

  • 1758: Land near Indian Mills is set aside for the Lenni-Lenape people.


  • 1615: Cornelius Hendrickson, a Dutch explorer, sailed up the Delaware River to present-day Philadelphia.

  • 1638: The colony of New Sweden is founded along the Delaware River.

  • 1682: William Penn founds the Pennsylvania colony.

  • 1731: Benjamin Franklin begins the first library in the colonies.


  • 1607: The first English settlers land at Jamestown.

  • 1674-1676: Nathaniel Bacon leads a rebellion against the colonial governor and fights for the rights of the people in West Virginia.

  • 1693: The College of William and Mary is founded in Williamsburg.

  • 1736: Virginia’s first newspaper is published in Williamsburg.

    North Carolina

  • 1650's: The first English colonists arrive in the Albemarle Sound area.

  • 1711-1713: The Tuscarora War ends with the defeat of the Native Americans.

  • 1718: Blackbeard is killed near Ocracoke Island.

  • 1729: North Carolina becomes an English colony.


  • 1620: The pilgrims landed in what is now Massachusetts under a grant to the Plymouth Company. The Mayflower Compact lead them; it was signed before they left.

  • 1621: They celebrated the first Thanksgiving.

  • 1628: The Massachusetts Bay Colony was formed

  • 1630: The city of Boston was formed.

    New Hampshire

  • 1614: John Smith explored what is now New Hampshire.

  • 1623: Settlers founded New Hampshire's first permanent non-Indian town. Today that town is Hover.

  • 1629: John Mason named New Hampshire after Hampshire, England.

  • 1641: It was part of Massachusetts, but by 1680 it was made a colony by New England.

    Rhode Island

  • 1636: Rhode Island was settled

  • UNKNOWN: Roger Williams was driven from Boston for his religious and political beliefs. He bought land and formed Provodience.

  • 1647: It became a colony.


  • 1638: colony founded by Sweden.

  • 1655: colony captured by Dutch.


  • 1665: New Haven becomes part of the Connecticut colony.

  • 1701: Yale University is founded; Hartford and New Haven are twin capitals.

  • 1775-1783: The colonists fight England in the Revolutionary War and win their independence.

  • 1776: Nathen Hale is hanged as a spy by the British.


  • 1649: Maryland passes the Toleration Act, which gives religious freedom to all Christians.

  • 1694: Annapolis becomes Maryland’s capital.

  • 1776-1777: Baltimore is the U.S. capital.

    New York

  • 1625: Colony founded by Peter Stuyvesant.

  • 1664: Colony captured b duke of York and renamed New York.

  • 1785-1790: New York City serves as the U.S. capital.

  • 1788: New York becomes the 11th state.

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