Life In the Middle Colonies

Life In the Middle Colonies

People of the middle colonies were generally grouped into three social classes: the gentry, the rich people and best educated; the middle class, basically farmers and small merchants; and the lower class, sailors and apprentices.

The people in the middle colonies lived in houses that were used for everything like work, play and visiting places. Families usually contained at least seven children, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Slaves rarely live with the families. The father was the head of the household and the mother was considered to be his helper.

The houses that they lived in were made mainly out of wood and mud. These houses usually didn't have any windows and if they did they were considerably small.

The colonists wore clothes that also showed there status in the colony. Most people wore clothes of cotton or linen. The people that were considered to be in the in the gentry class could afford imported materials for better clothes. The other clothes were made by the woman of the household. The clothes were dyed with different kinds of things such as roots, berries, and so on.

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