Description of New England

Description of New England

The colonies of New England were rockier and colder than the other colonies. They also had a narrower coastal plain than the colonies.

The first people of New England were farmers trying to make a living. They eventually succeed in making some money, but not enough. For the soil was much too rocky for their crops.

They soon found that the area was rich in fish. It was then that New England had found its future. The fishing was very prosperous for New England and it still is today.

Life Style

Women did not play a major role in business or public life of New England. They did do a lot of the work around the home, though. The men in New England, from high to low, held just about every possible position.

More free blacks lived in New England than in any other colonies. They had the right to own land, some even ran their own farms. Slavery still remained legal, but there was not much use for slaves in New England.

New England was heavily involved in its church. They believed in it so heavy that it had political control. As the new generations came up they were not as church-oriented, so the church started to lose importance.

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