Madagascar's Culture
Madagascar's Culture

This page will give you a little information on Madagascar's Culture.


The three major religions in Madagascar are traditional, Christian, and Islamic. The traditional religion is the African religion. 52% of Madagascar's religion is Traditional. The second major religion is Christianity; 41% of the religion is Christianity and 7% is Islamic practices.
Arts and Crafts

In Madagascar they have many was to do arts and crafts. They make textile and do wood carvings. They also paint paintings and do stone carvings. They are very artistic.

The main language is Malagas


Madagascar has a lot of holidays and festivals. The usual Christian holidays like Easter and Christmas are celebrated, as well as Insurrection Day (29 March, to celebrate the rebellion against the French in 1947). Organisation of African Unity Day (25 May); Anniversary Day (8 May) and Republic Day (30 December). In March, Alahamady Be is the low key Malagasy New Year. The Donia, a traditional music festival, is held on Nosy Be in May through June.


Most contemporary and traditional Malagasy music has dance rhythms with influences from Indonesia and the African mainland, Kenya. These rhythms are accompanied by the flute, whistle and valiha.


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